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Has Congress Come To An Agreement On Unemployment Yet

  • 2021年4月10日
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Orange County Register — Why unemployment benefits need to be renewed: “When President George W. Bush introduced emergency unemployment compensation in 2008, the average unemployed person took 5.6 months to find a new job. Well, this job search takes an average of nine months. Towanda Daily Review — Families in areas at risk of losing unemployment benefits: Ending the program is a bad policy that will not only endanger thousands of families, but will also damage the economy itself. The Commerical Appeal — The inability to re-authorize long-term unemployment benefits penalizes people who cannot find a job — “Congress is expected to begin in 2014 by finding a bipartisan way to restore long-term federal unemployment benefits that expired in late December for 1.3 million Americans, including 18,000 Tennesseans.” Kingman Daily Miner — In the face of the still bubbling economy, it`s time to restore unemployment: “… there is no excuse for removing a lifeline that prevents people from slipping through the cracks. San Jose Mercury News — Congress must expand unemployment benefits: “The extension should be the first order of Congress next year.” Bloomberg News — Don`t write down 4.1 million people who can`t find a job: if the U.S. has a job market and jobs for those who want it, the arguments for increasing unemployment benefits can be rejected. The United States is not there yet, far from it. Congress is expected to extend benefits for an additional year. “We came down, but the needs of the American people…

can`t go that far,” Pelosi said Wednesday on MSNBC. She said a package needed to address other issues that have arisen since Democrats adopted their plan, such as relief for airlines and restaurants. Democrats and Republicans failed to reach agreement on reducing the burden of covid 19 for many Americans in the weeks following the expiration of unemployment benefits and deportation protection. The impasse led Trump to sign a series of executive orders in August, adding a weekly $400 increase in unemployment, suspending some student loan payments, protecting some tenants from eviction and deferring payroll taxes. Connecticut Post – A coal clot for the unemployed at Christmas: By refusing to help pass an urgent extension of unemployment insurance, these lawmakers are breaking a long tradition of impartiality and risking the health and well-being of more than three million men and women across the country trying to find jobs in a difficult economy. A smaller bill could be passed now, and a bigger one could happen later: a subset of programs could be funded before Biden becomes president, such as unemployment aid or an extension of the deportation ban, with the new Congress returning to other programs after his inauguration, such as a second stimulus check. As current president, Trump is expected to sign any legislation passed by January 20 so it can take effect. Minneapolis Star-Tribune – Unemployment benefit is not a luxury for the unemployed: even if it wasn`t Boxing Day, a word would come to mind to describe congressional Republicans who are not prepared to extend unemployment insurance benefits to 1.3 million unhappy Americans beyond 26 weeks. They`re Scrooges. Concord Monitor – A terrible time to eliminate unemployment benefits: the economy has improved, but there are still three candidates for each vacancy.