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Interagency Personnel Agreement

  • 2021年4月10日
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A contract may be terminated at any time at the request of the federal or state authority, tribal government, higher education institution or any other organization participating in the program. Where possible, the party terminating the assignment before the agreed date should notify the other parties of a 30-day delay in advance and a statement of reasons. A staff member of a non-federal organization must be employed by that organization for at least 90 days before entering into a DAP agreement. The regulations of the Intergovernmental Personnel Act provide that “other organizations” have the right to participate and define what “another organization” is. They also require that organizations interested in participating in the mobility program as “another organization” be authorized by the federal agency with which they enter into an agreement. If an organization has already been certified by an agency, this certification is permanent and can be applied to the entire federal government. Another agency may accept this certification or require an organization to submit appropriate documents for verification. Certification applications should contain a copy of: For federal employees, the agreement should ensure that the agent is aware of his obligation to return to federal service for a period corresponding to the duration of the transfer or to be responsible for all transfer-related expenses (salary and exclusive benefits). The allocations under the PPI are initiated by a written agreement and must be implemented. All USGS (USGS) orders are documented on an optional form 69, award agreement.

The agreement documents the conditions of the assignment, such as tasks. B tasks, obligations and tax benefits, employee rights and obligations. The agreement must be signed by the assignee, the accreditation officer of the non-federal organization concerned and the authorizing officer of the relevant USGS, i.e. the reports of the heads of office to the deputy director/director; and managers/supervisors who report directly to an associate director or regional executive). Permissions must be received before a contract begins. Back to the higher duties of the Intergovernmental Personnel Act are initiated by management. The evolution of the proposed allocation should be controlled by management. Benefits to the federal agency and the non-federal organization are the main considerations in launching contracts; not the personal wishes or needs of a single employee. The assignment is voluntary and must be agreed by the staff member. The regulations stipulate that an assignment must be implemented by a written agreement. With respect to the development of a contract involving the transfer of a non-federal worker to a federal agency, the agreement should stipulate that the worker may return to the non-federal position held prior to the transfer or in comparable pay, service and seniority, and that the worker`s rights and benefits be fully protected.

Agencies are no longer subject to transfer agreements to the Office of Human Resources Management. The information contained in this publication will help agencies manage the mobility programme on a daily basis. Questions or comments on these procedures. Please authorize at least four (4) weeks from the date when a new PPI proposal and a pre-registered VA agreement on the processing and implementation of the agreement are submitted by the VA and at least three (3) weeks for proposals for extensions/agreements. An order may be terminated at any time at the choice of the federal or non-federal organization.