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Jv Agreement Plc

  • 2021年4月10日
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“Greatland`s transformation in recent years has been remarkable and we are now in the strongest position we have ever had to build on our recent success. We continue to work for shareholder value and look forward to continuing this exciting journey with these important agreements. Newcrest and Greatland signed new pioneering agreements to accelerate early work and expanded exploration activities at Havieron. New Joint Venture (“Juri JV”): In addition to the Havieron Agreements, Newcrest and Greatland have entered into an agricultural enterprise and joint venture agreement to accelerate exploration in Greatland`s Black Hills and Paterson Range East licences: building on recent successes in Havieron: Newcrest and Greatland have entered into a number of new agreements regarding Havier , in particular the havieron joint venture agreement and the Havieron Loan agreement. These new agreements are expected to bring Greatland the key benefits: Gervaise Heddle, Chief Executive Officer of Greatland Gold, commented: “These new agreements with Newcrest are a milestone for greatland Gold, both in structuring the next stage of Havieron`s development and in developing our exploration efforts throughout the Paterson region. In addition, Newcrest and Greatland sign a second agriculture and joint venture agreement (the “Yuri joint venture”) for the Greatland Black Hills and Paterson Range East licenses “The Havieron Joint Venture Agreement formalizes our relationship with Newcrest beyond the existing farm, and through this agreement, we hope that we will move quickly over the next two or three years towards the eventual creation of mining companies. It is important that the new Havieron loan agreement with Newcrest ensures that we have our share of the funds needed to accelerate the activities of the Havieron project. In fact, based on current forecasts, we expect to be funded until the completion of the feasibility study for our share of expenditures, including costs related to the construction of the reduction and an extensive exploration program in Havieron. With all this, Newcrest and Greatland can now accelerate our efforts and work together to realize the world-class potential of this exciting project.